About Us

Josh discovered the wonderful new world of flipbooks while helping his wife Caroline at the national Ewomen Network conference in the summer of 2008. There was a very bright booth at the big Saturday night banquet that was attracting a lot of attention so, like everybody else, they got in line to see what all the excitement was about. Without even knowing what it was, they waited in line for almost an hour and then discovered the fun of making a personal flipbook! Within a week, Josh had signed up as the exclusive mobile flipbook studio for the Puget Sound area and it’s literally been all fun and games since then. Flipped Out Productions has entertained guests at numerous weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, and many corporate events for companies such as Microsoft, Siemens, Coinstar, REI, Popcap, and many others. Flipped Out Productions has also donated it’s flipbook services to a number of charitable events, including Get Hitched Give Hope, and the Heart