Flipbooks in June!

Had a solid month, here’s a summary:

Thanks to Kristen from Reunions with Class for inviting us to the Newport High School bash at Aston Manor in the Sodo district – a super high quality music and light show and a ton of awesome flipboooks!

Thanks to Roxie at West Coast Entertainment for inviting us to the Interlake High School grad party at the Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle for a fun night, we didn’t get home ’til 6 am!

Thanks to Nicola at SH Worldwide for inviting us to the big high tech party at the EMP in Seattle, we were honored to be there and met many fun people from all over the world.

Thanks to Katie at Glympse for inviting us to their participation in the “pub crawl” in south lake union area, a quick hour of fun and laughs with people from all over that high tech community.

Thanks to Ami & Jon Maron for inviting us to Mason’s Bar Mitzvah party at the EMP, what a blast, nice to see my old pal Danni Weiss there, she gave me the referral.